Lift Installation

Looking for more cost-effective, reliable and safe installation company? 

VLT Engineering provides the flexibility required to meet your building particular needs. 

We ensure that the new installation lifts are comply with international and national quality standards and also comply with Singapore Building and Construction Authority regulations.   

Our greatest strength is our people. Equipped with a wealth of experience, VLT Engineering provides strong communication, quick response, timely execution, and competitive pricing. 

A complete service that we provide, for supply, installation, testing & commissioning and Lift Operate Permit Submission. 

What type of Lift are you looking for? 

VLT has a wide variety of unique products gives us the edge in the fast moving market. Put simply, We offer a vast range of unique products that other companies can’t.

We are Designated Technical Service of Volkslift within Singapore. Featuring an integrated design and manufacturing process, we install all kinds of vertical transportation solutions for private residences, offices, hospitals, shopping centres, warehouses, industrial plants and more. 

For more information on our lift installation services

Home Lift

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A lift, not being common property, installed in a private home solely for the use of its occupants

Passenger Lift

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A lift primarily used to carry persons. This includes a Hospital bed lift


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A motorised platform or seat installed in a stairway, which transverses the stairs when activated

Vertical Platform Lift

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A vertical lifting platform intended for use by people with impaired mobility, with or without wheelchair, travelling vertically between predefined levels along a guided path

Goods Lift

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A lift, primarily used to carry goods, but in which only the persons required to load and unload the goods are permitted to ride

Service Lift

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A passenger lift so designed, tobe able to also carry goods

Car Lift

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A lift, primarily used to carry vehicles, but in which only the driver and the passengers of the vehicle are permitted to ride

Dumb Waiters

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For small Goods Lift