Lift Repair

In need of lift repair?

VLT provides the value for money repairs with a focus on minimising downtime and efficiency. Our skilled technicians have the ability to repair all types of original equipment. We can provide you with today’s code compliant requirements for minimal costs. We provide a free condition report and estimate cost. 

We provide a free of cost, no obligation quotation for all lift repairs and you don’t have to have your lift maintenance contract with us for us to carry out repairs to your lift. 

From small to major repair jobs our team of engineers are totally equipped to meet the expectation and provide a bigger cost saving. 

Repair Your Lifts and Ensure Reliable Operation

We have the capacity to rectify most of the European, Japan and China lifts so that they meet BCA requirements and Our technicians will ensure that your lifts are operational as soon as possible. 

Records of the of all works performed on your lifts are kept on our Lift Data system which is feed live via our technicians hand held units. 

We provide free non obligation Site Assessment of your lift and are able to produce detailed reports on progress of work, lift availability and condition to assist you in future budgeting. 


    Why Choose VLT Engineering as your Lift Repair Contractor? 


    24/7 call support centre


    VLT repair all brands of lift


    Reliable and Affordable Lift Repair


    An experienced technical team


    We’ll keep you compliant