Lift Replacement & Modernization

Giving your lifts a new lease of life 

The expected life of the lift and when to replace it is highly dependent on the usage. A high traffic environment such as in the commercial or health sectors might lead to earlier needs for replacement or modernisation.  

Modernisation improves an aging lift comfort, performance, passenger safety, efficiency, reliability, and aesthetics. We provide tailor made solutions for every situation, utilising Non-Proprietary Equipment. VLT can offers a free proposed consultation of your existing lifts. 

Wherever you are in Singapore, whether you need to modernise one lift or a whole fleet of lifts, our lift installation engineer and project team is here to make your existing lift more reliable, secure, comfortable, cost-effective and eco-friendly.

From passenger lift to goods lift, from one lift to an entire fleet of lifts, we are here to offer a wide range of modernisation services. Alternatively we can offer lift replacement or full lift installation. 

Our lift Modernisation Services Include: 

Lift Aesthetics

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To renew the image of your lift, or the appearance of your lift car, doors  fitting new panels, flooring, wall finishes, hand rails and lighting


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Updating controllers, drive systems and door systems, for larger car and improve user accessibility 


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Replacing old, damage and aging systems to reduce breakdowns and improve the availability of your lift

Energy Efficiency

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Bringing lifts back up to current safety standards and ensuring they follow modern safety regulations 

Meeting new safety regulations

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Your preventative maintenance program agreement will renew automatically with no lapses in coverage


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Latest Technological Developments 

Replace your old lifts and install a brand new one in your building with the existing lift shaftVLT offer the option of completely replacing a lift with the most technological advanced products on the market for increased accessibility, safety, energy savings, and ride comfort. 

Easy Installation with minimum disruption to the building’s day to day activities.